Enabling Digital Free Zones in Nigeria for Businesses

Digital Free Zones are attractive to global businesses, particularly digital and financial services, as they can operate from a Nigerian free zone remotely, improving the ease of doing business, reducing operational costs and enhancing capital inflows into Nigeria and Africa.

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About DiFZIN & Nigeria Free Zones

The Initiative for the Promotion of Digital Free Zones in Nigeria (DiFZIN) has partnered with partnered with global experts to design an ideal Digital Free Zones regulatory framework in Nigeria. Through collaborations with government institutions and other critical stakeholders, DiFZIN’s goal is to make Nigeria an ideal jurisdiction for global digital and financial businesses operating in Africa.

Nigeria Traditional Free Zones

Free Zones are designated areas within a country where businesses receive certain regulatory, tax, and customs benefits to promote economic activity, trade, and foreign direct investment.

Digital Free Zones

Digital free zones appeal to global businesses offering digital or financial services, enabling remote operations from Nigerian free zones. This enhances business ease and boosts capital inflow, making it an ideal online jurisdiction for Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria and Africa.

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Initative for the Promotion of Digital Free Zones in Nigeria Initiative(DiFZIN) was established for the promotion, strategic planning & policy development for digital free zones in Nigeria.

Delaware (United State)

68.2% of all Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware & it is the no 1 destination for global start-ups. In 2022, almost 2million businesses are incorporated in the jurisdiction.

E-Estonia (Europe)

Launched in 2014 for global companies to incorporate in the EU online. Attracted over 100,000 e-residents from over 170 countries and has generated over €1.8 billion in revenue & €150million in taxes.

Dubai International Financial Center (Asia)

Home to 17 of world's top banks with a net profit of $141million (2022). Pivotal in Dubai diversification agenda and attracting financial and innovation sectors at an unprecedented rate.

Shanghai International Finance Center

With over 370,000 financial practitioners in Shanghai, the total financial market turnover rose from $73.6 trillion in 2012 to $350 trillion in 2021 which accounted for 18% of Shanghai's GDP in 2021.

Our Plan

Our plan is Nigerian digital free zones to be the jurisdiction of choice for global technology, financial and business services operating in Africa with the ability to incorporate, set up international bank accounts and operate their business remotely from anywhere in the world.


Establish Digital Free Zones (DFZ) in Nigeria

  • Develop the free zones legal and regulatory framework to establish and operate digital free zones in Nigeria.
  • Nigeria Export Processing Zone Authority (NEPZA) to provide globally competitive incentives to enable global digital & service businesses to remotely incorporate and operate their African & Global business from Nigeria.


Foster Enabling and Competitive Environment

Through public-private partnerships DFZs will be developed and operated with the infrastructure for International tech hubs and International Finance Centres in Nigeria Free Zones that are regulated by NEPZA & Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).


Attract Global Capital into Nigeria

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to establish regulations for Nigerian International Financial Centers (NIFC) in Free Zones to enable international banking & ease of flow of international capital into Nigeria.
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